Please double check.
Capped at P150 per pack.

*If through your personal account; kindly indicate it.*

*If through your personal account; kindly indicate it.*


1. KKK Food Corporation is the sole owner and licensee of all intellectual property rights forming part of the products, the company, and the brand. - Reseller cannot create or establish any online platform and/or physical store using our company name, brand name, brand logo.

2. KKK Food Corporation has the right to refuse reseller’s placement of order anytime.

3. No refund, return, or exchange of product aside from production flaws.

4. No refund and/ or cancellation after orders are confirmed.

5. Reseller can resell any or all the products to a third party, including any third-party reseller or distributor with our knowledge.

6. Reseller should not rebrand and/or indicate a different manufacturing company.

7. This is not an exclusive reseller and distributorship contract and therefore pertains to the following: - Reseller cannot claim any kind of territorial rights. - This agreement can be forfeited anytime even with absence of reason upon receipt of cancellation notice/memo from KKK Food Corporation.